10 most reasonable spots to live in Florida

10 most reasonable spots to live in Florida with all year warm climate and more than 8000 miles of coastline, it's no big surprise Florida is superb.

Get-away a destination filled with wildlife beaches lakes rivers amusement parks diverse entertainment options and much more.

The population of Florida is growing with people that want to call Florida home to soak up the sun and enjoy everything the state has to offer to buy or rent a home in a place that's considered a prime vacation spot.

Can get a bit pricey but if you do your research you'll find places in Florida that is much more affordable than you think.


Bartow surrounded by lakes and citrus groves in Polk county as a barstool with a population of about 20 thousand it's a small town with a country feel if you have a family you may want to consider Bartow the school systems.

In Barto are above average and with the small size of the town the schools are generally close to Lombardo doesn't offer much nightlife but if you get the urge for an evening to remember Tampa is just around 45 miles away and Orlando is about an hour toward the east.

The average cost for a home in Bartow is about 12-1600 in monthly rent around 817 the median household annual income is forty-six thousand eight hundred fifty dollars.

9. Newport Richie:

Newport Richie
Newport Richie (Source: Unsplash)

Newport Richie is another quaint town in Pasco county located on Florida's gulf coast not too far from Tampa, it offers its 16-700 residents shopping dining nature festivals sports and culture all with a small-town.

Feel if you want to be surrounded by water and the wildlife that resides in this may be the place for you with beachfront as well as riverfront options available the river runs through the city.

And to the west side of the city as the gulf of Mexico new port, Richie offers affordable housing with an average home value of 76900 and average monthly rent payments at only a hundred eleven dollars.

The median household annual income is thirty-four thousand six hundred forty-four dollars. 

8. Dade city:

Dade the city is a big city living isn't for you might want to consider Dade city a small quaint town in Pasco county with a population of about 7300.

This small cozy town offers its residents antique stores boutiques restaurants and a brewery for such a small town it offers a lot to do it is home to an aerial adventure park museums giraffe ranch an alpaca farm and an annual Halloween event is known as armageddon.

In the event that you live in Dade city you're just around 35 miles from Tampa and just a vehicle ride away from seashores on either coast Dade city offers moderate lodging with a normal home estimation of 95 000.

And 935 on average for monthly rent the average household annual income is around forty-six thousand three hundred fifty dollars.

7. Homosassa springs:

Homosassa  (Source: Unsplash)

Homosassa springs if you like nature and wildlife Homosassa springs may be where you want to buy your next home almost 14 000 people call it home.

And it is likewise home to manatees and natural life that live in or around the excellent spring Homosassa offers limitless alternatives for open-air exercises such as hiking kayaking fishing camping and swimming.

If you want to watch some manatees in their natural habitat you can make a trip to Homosassa springs wildlife state park Homosassa also offers historical sites restaurants flea markets and breweries.

The cost of living is affordable too with a median home value of six thousand four hundred dollars in monthly rent at six hundred ninety-eight dollars the average household annual income is around thirty-five thousand eight hundred dollars.

6. Palm Bay:

Palm bay located in Brevard County is located on Florida's east coast and is home to 104 000 residents living in palm bay.

you'll have access to east coast beaches at a lower cost than many of Florida's coastal cities the cost of living is 10 percent below the public normal you will not be exhausted in palm sound.

Either playing golf drifting airboat rides seashores shopping and natural life watching are just a few of the many things to do.

In addition, the Kennedy space center is only a short drive away from the palm bay has many employment opportunities being home to multiple corporations in palm beach hospitals far as education Brevard community college has a campus in palm bay and opportunities for higher education are nearby.

The average home value is one hundred thirty-six thousand six hundred dollars in rent payments are about one thousand twenty-seven dollars per month the average annual income is around forty-seven thousand six hundred forty dollars.

6. Palm Coast fl:

Palm Coast fl
Palm Coast fl (Source: Unsplash)

palm coast fl offers a rural like feel to inhabitants and is an incredible spot for outside darlings offering parks nature saves seashores and golf resorts.

Palm The coast is only minutes away from Atlantic beaches and is located on 70 miles of canals that are both saltwater and freshwater waterways in palm coast allow for watching dolphins and manatees throughout the spring and late spring months.

Walking hiking and biking are activities you can enjoy on the 125 miles of trails. the city has to bring to the table palm coast is an incredible alternative for those hoping to resign in the warm climate and with the parks and seashores.

It also offers family-friendly activities for families with school-aged children school systems in palm coast are known to be above average most of the 89 000 people that reside in palm coast own their homes and the average home value is 194500.

If you're looking to rent 1187 is the average monthly payment the median annual income is 53820 dollars.

4. Gainesville fl:

Gainesville fl is the largest city in north-central Florida and home to the University of Florida has fewer residents than Orlando with a population of almost134 000 and is known as an excellent spot to resign principally for its gentle all year environment and minimal expense of living.

The median house value is 154 400 if you're looking to rent the average monthly rent payment is on the lower endpoint of 930 per month.

Finding a job in Gainesville should be no problem with the two large hospitals veterans affairs medical centers and also the university small businesses tend to thrive as well the advantages to living in Gainesville aren't just the expense and environment yet in addition the numerous exercises.

This the university town has to offer you can visit the local museum parks view wildlife and take a day trip over to an Atlantic coast beach.

3. Cape Coral:

Cape Coral
Cape Coral (Source: Unsplash)

Cape coral if you're looking for affordable waterfront property cape coral might be just where you need to be located on Florida's gulf coast.

This city with a population of over 154000 offers more than 400 miles of trenches that permit you to bounce on a boat and head over to the Gulf of Mexico.

If you live in cape coral you won't out of fun things to do from fishing boating kayaking water sports wildlife watching to watching live shows at the local theater there is something for everybody to appreciate at whatever stage in life.

The Sunsplash family water park makes for a fun-filled day trip or weekend getaway for the whole family, the average home value in cape coral is 214700 which is much below the normal expense for waterfront homes in Florida.

The monthly rent average is around 1172.00 and the average household annual income is 57125 dollars.


Orlando, when most people think of Orlando they think of mickey mouse since Orlando is home to the world-famous Walt Disney world but Orlando is much more than a tourist objective and more than 238000 individuals call it home.

If you're moving to Orlando, you don't have to choose a high tourism area Orlando offers neighborhoods for any type of lifestyle even for those that prefer a suburban home.

Housing is reasonably priced with the average home being valued at 217 000 and monthly rent averaging at 1 139 you will never run out of things to do living in this vacation destination city.

Nature parks shopping restaurants outdoor activities shows and concerts are just some of the many activities, Orlando has to offer to find employment in Orlando should be no problem with tourism providing thousands of jobs and with over 35 colleges and universities in the area, you're sure to find the education you're looking for


Kissimmee (Source: Unsplash)

Kissimmee is a small town in a prime location perfect for living near the magical world of WalttDisneyy but not in it it's a central location in the sunshine state just minutes away from Disney and just over an hour's drive to the beautiful cocoa beach on Florida's east coast.

If Do you want to check out the west coast gulf beaches getting to clearwater beach is just under two-hour drive fun attractions near Kissimmee include Walt Disney world sea world Legoland universal studios.

Kennedy space center among others most of these family fun attractions offer discounted annual passes for Florida residents beaches and amusement parks aren't the only perks of Kissimmee's central location different urban communities, for example, Tampa and Miami are effectively available situated in Osceola province.

Kissimmee has a populace of just shy of 60 000 with a middle home estimation of 162600 and a normal family pay of 39841. In case you're not exactly prepared to claim a home the normal month to month lease is around 1091 which is not as much as It's an adjoining city.

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