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If you want to Explore Cambodia through an amazing destination in 2021 then you are on the right blog. In this blog, we will explore Cambodia. let's start!

Interesting Ways to Discover an Amazing Cambodia

There are so many interesting destinations when you travel to Cambodia, but how to experience them. The following are exciting ways to discover an incredible Cambodia.

1. Explore the last wild forest of Asia:

last wild forest of Asia
last wild forest of Asia (source: Unsplash)

To find interesting things about Cambodia, let’s explore the most vibrant wildlife sites here. Mondulkiri, one of Asia’s last wild forests, is the home of rare animals such as elephants, tigers, and Indochinese tigers who are endangered. You can even see the rhinoceros are chasing each other in the more remote forests.

In addition to exploring the wilderness of Cambodia, you also have the opportunity to explore the life and culture of the Phong, Bunong, and other indigenous tribes, which are preserved over the centuries.

2. Discover Cambodia from above:

Another way to explore Cambodia is from the helicopter. Departing from Siem Reap Airport,, before visiting the Preah Vihear Temple, you will be elevated high enough to see the entire Angkor Wat complex scattered below.

Preah Vihear Temple was built-in the 11th century, at an altitude of 525 meters, in the Dangrek Mountains in Preah Vihear Province. The temple is a World Heritage Site which was recognized by UNESCO in 2008 and has only been opened for tourists since 2015.

3. Experience the seafood route:

the seafood route

the seafood route (source: Unsplash)

Self-sufficient Cambodian tourists prefer to visit the market of Kep seaside town, filled with fresh seafood. Try to savor the wonderful baked sea crabs and tourists can go further to Kampot town to learn about local pottery making.

Do not forget to take a boat to Koh Thonsay to swim in the pellucid waters, take a barefoot walk-in the sand and savor excellent seafood at a local restaurant.

4. Relax on the island:

Holiday on the luxurious Song Saa Private Island is one of the greatest ways to experience an amazing Cambodia. This luxury resort is awarded for “The design protects people, lands, tropical forests, and marine life.”

Here, you can choose to stay in one of 24 floating villas on the water or in the forest. All villas are designed with indigenous style, each villa has its own swimming pool. Especially, the bed and bath here are facing the sea with a beautiful view.

5. Follow the path of the temple in the forest:

Entering deeply to Cambodia forests, you will see remnants of civilization in the past. Cycle through the most famous Khmer temples, from the Bayon – where the walls carved over 200 giant faces – to Ta Prohm – “jungle shrine” – clogged by parasites, spiders and vines look like pythons.

6. Boat on the legendary Mekong River:

Boat on the legendary Mekong River
Boat on the legendary Mekong River
(source: Unsplash)

The majestic Mekong The river is a great place to explore the beauty of Cambodia, try the yacht in Phnom Penh to see the city with the typical Khmer architecture and bustling life along the river. Especially, the splendid setting of the sunset on the river, golden sunlight inlaid with the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda will make you fascinated.

7. Wander through enchantment wild mountains:

You can also take a cultural holiday, walk and sail to the wonderful wilderness of Cardamom Mountain. There you will discover immense waterfalls, wonderful caves and enjoy the village life.

Do not forget to visit the local wildlife liberation center, where researchers have successfully rescued thousands of animals, including pangolins, binturong, civets, and panthers.

8. Sail to areas far from Cambodia:

Sail to areas far from Cambodia
Sail to areas far from Cambodia (source: Unsplash)

Another interesting way to explore Cambodia is to take a Kayak on the sea away from central Cambodia. You will go through the mangrove forests and peaceful islands of the Mekong, until you reach the swampland of Kampi and wait to see the appearance of the giant dolphins on the water.


The Journey to Explore Cambodia through Amazing Destinations

Being a land of ancient and mysterious temples, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the culture, nature, famous Khmer temples and enjoy the food of Khmer people when they come to Cambodia.  Let’s have a look at interesting destinations when you have a tour to Cambodia.

Koh Rong Samloem Island

Koh Rong Samloem is about 2km away from Sihanouk Ville Town, the island has no human hands to explore, so the beach here retains its original wild beauty. Almost no people live on the island, the resort on the island is built and managed by Europeans. Especially, the seawater is so pellucid that we can see colorful fishes swimming. You will enjoy a real holiday with natural, peaceful, and pristine scenery.

Preah Vihear Temple

Preah Vihear is a Khmer sanctuary situated on a 525 meter bluff in the Dindrik Mountains, the boundary among Cambodia and Thailand. This is the most glorious sanctuary in the Khmer sanctuaries. The temple was built in the 11th and 12th centuries during the reign of the Khmer kings Suryavarman I and Suryavarman II Preah Vihear has seen extended regional questions among Thailand and Cambodia, with many officers killed in the conflict in 2009.


Sihanoukville (source: Unsplash)

Sihanoukville, otherwise called Kampong Som, is a port city and seashore resort situated on the Gulf of Thailand. The great attraction here is the white sand beaches and some tropical islands are still underdeveloped. Sihanoukville is an ideal place to relax at weekend.

Tonlé Sap Lake

Tonlé Sap is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and plays an important role in Cambodia. The lake enlarges and limits impressively in seasons. From November to May, Cambodia’s dry season, Tonle Sap pours into the Mekong River in Phnom Penh. However, when heavy rain starts in June, the flow of Tonlé Sap will change direction, making the lake bulged. Tonlé Sap is home to many ethnic and Cham people, living in floating villages around the lake.

Silver Pagoda

Arranged in the Royal Palace Complex in Phnom Penh, Silver Pagoda highlights numerous irreplaceable assets like the Golden Buddha sculpture and the Diamond Buddha sculpture. The most notable things are the 17th-century baccarat crystal statue of the Buddha of the Jade Buddha and the golden Maitreya Buddha statue decorated with 9584 diamonds. The divider inside the patio of Silver Pagoda is designed with brilliant paintings portraying the Ramayana legend, painted by Khmer craftsmen in 1903-1904.

Koh Ker  

Koh Ker
Koh Ker  (source: Unsplash)


Koh Ker was the capital of the Khmer realm for an extremely brief time frame, from 928 to 944 AD. In this short time, there were many majestic architectural buildings built. There is a 30-meter tower, Prasat Thom, raised in the surrounding forest. Situated deeply in the forest for nearly a millennium, Koh Ker is one of the most distant and inaccessible temple destinations in Cambodia. However, due to mining, they recently opened a new road to this place.

Bayon Temple

Being a part of the world-famous Angkor destination, Bayon Temple is a temple of ​​200 large rocks that look in every direction. The smiling faces, widely regarded as portraits of King Jayavarman VII or the association of his face with Buddha, are a recognizable image of Angkor. Built-in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII as part of the expansion of his capital – Angkor Thom, Bayon was built in the heart of the royal city.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the biggest sanctuary of all Angkor sanctuaries and is the top vacation spot in Cambodia. Inherent the principal half of the twelfth century by King Suryavarman II, the equilibrium, design, and excellence of the sanctuary make it quite possibly the most lovely structure on the planet.

Kratie town

Kratie is a modest community situated on the banks of the Mekong River and encompassed by French pioneer structures. This place attracts tourists and backpackers where you can see the Irrawaddy dolphins living in the Mekong River with decreasing numbers. It is assessed that there are 66 to 86 dolphins in the upper Mekong in Cambodia.

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