Eight Basic Tips of Seo Optimization || Seo for Website Search Engine Optimization 2021

Eight basic Tips of SEO Optimization. If you want to learn more about SEO and SEO for Website Search Engine Optimization 2021 then keep with us and read until the end. You can find all SEO consultant Pro Tips in this Blog. Let,s Start

Eight Basic Tips of Seo Optimization

Optimization is the most basic project of website promotion. SEO for Website Search Engine Optimization is to optimize and deploy your website according to the degree of search engine preferences so that your website can be recognized by search engines.

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Eight Basic Tips of Seo Optimization (Source: Unsplash)

And what are your preferences for your website. Search engines for you After website product preferences, natural search engines will contribute a lot of traffic to you, and effective conversion of traffic into customers is the main purpose of SEO entire site optimization.

The whole site optimization is the best performance of search engine marketing. It is through the positioning of the company's independent website.

The overall optimization of the website content and website structure ensures that all pages of the website are search engine-friendly.

So that the website can be compared in major search engines. High inclusion volume and good overall ranking performance.

Search engines are currently widely used, allowing the company information and service keywords to appear in the search results of the search engines.

Which can not only increase website visits, directly bring the target customers, but also A large amount of positive service information can be used to influence potential customers and achieve the purpose of public propaganda through good reputation.

Analyze the customer's business and the search behavior data of potential users, thereby expanding more business-related long-tail vocabulary, combining business characteristics and the analyzed long-tail keywords or phrases, to carry out the website structure level.

Technical level and content level Comprehensive adjustments can finally promise to bring the minimum effective visits to the customer's website through the major search engines, and to help the customer's website brings more authenticity.

Effective and high-quality visits also greatly increase the conversion rate of website visits, in a true sense Realize a pay-per-effect network marketing service system.

SEO optimization is currently a very popular way of website promotion. There are many SEO teaching videos and websites on the Internet, but the Internet is more complicated and messy.

If you see too much, you must be dazzled. Now I have summarized the eight basic points of SEO, you can see if your website does these.

1. Choose:

  keywords that suit your business and products. Keywords are the goal and source of SEO optimization. What are the keywords for SEO? It depends on what words are searched about your industry on the Internet.

, Customers like to search for words, to decide which words you choose, of course, you can be too hot words, just like you are in the computer industry, if you just use the word computer, that’s sure

It won’t work, because the rule of search engines are that knowledge comes first, and then the corporate website.

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Seo for Website Search Engine Optimization 2021 (Source: Unsplash)

2. Arrange You're Selected Keywords Reasonably:

  after selecting keywords in the title and description,  and then put the keywords in your web page title (Title) and description (Meta Description). Please remember this step

It’s better to have keywords. It is recommended not to place more than 3 keywords on a web page. If there are too many keywords, search engines will think it is the key

Words pile up and ignore it.

3. Choose a relatively stable space: 

                                                            Is your space stable enough? Do you often fail to open the website? A website with an unstable server is a big harm to SEO! The reason is simple, such as If your website often fails to open, then search engines will have a very low evaluation of your website, so it is difficult to rank well.

4. The content of the website should be suitable for easy browsing:

  Many information or discussion forum-type websites, the content can only be viewed after logging in. Yet, no one can really tell that this is a no-no for SEO.

Search engines will not be able to index your website because of this factor. It is impossible for a webpage that is not indexed to have a ranking.

5. Choose an independent top-level domain name:

  Small and medium-sized enterprises often post their website addresses on the space provided by the ISP. In this way, your domain name may not be yours in the end, so everything you do

It is a wedding dress for others, so you must have your own independent domain name, and the domain name is best related to your business or industry.

6. Each web page must have an independent URL:

seo improvment
SEO improvement (Source: Unsplash)

  This is one of the headaches of SEO, which usually occurs in websites that are presented in animation, that is Flash websites. Due to production techniques, no

No matter what you click on any page of the website, the URL will not change. For search engines, your website is only one page. Hard work

None of the content published can be recognized. What a pity you said.

7. Make a site map of your own:

  a site the map can better allow search engines to include your web pages. According to the first point, it’s better to put three keywords on a webpage, the more

When a webpage is included, it means that your keywords are easier to get on the Baidu homepage.

8. Websites have more high-quality external links:

     The number of external links determines whether your site can be better found by spiders or robots. If your links are on many high-weight websites, then

So search engines will think that your website is also good, then your ranking will naturally go up.

              Learn about network optimization

How do we learn about network optimization to master the relevant methods? There is also how to improve the ability of learning, analysis, and optimization? Then I will give you a good introduction, hoping to bring a little bit of gain to friends who study optimization.

1. Think more:

When it comes to thinking, it is important to start from multiple angles and think about SEO-related knowledge at multiple levels: Don’t repeat other people’s methods without innovation.

It is a core idea to train well. Logical ability! If there are any articles or products included, immediately ask "Why"! Think about what work you have done to this website before this?

 Have you made any adjustments? Have there been any phenomena, etc.? Put forward a hypothesis at an appropriate time. This hypothesis can be described by the word "approximately", and then do the corresponding practice according to the hypothesis!

2. Practice More on Seo for Website Search Engine Optimization:

seo tips
SEO tips (Source: Unsplash)

As the so-called: study is boundless, sit on the boat! If you want to learn, If you want to improve and become a master of website optimization, diligence is the main thing.

You must learn and practice more! In this way: contact problems more, find more problems, participate more in practice, accumulate more and more experience, from different problems, different Sites, to learn and improve analytical capabilities!


3. Master the basics of website optimization:

Be able to truly understand and master some basics of website optimization, which will provide a sufficient guarantee for your analysis and make your analysis more accurate and logical. 

This is very important to follow these eight basic tips of SEO optimization. To give a simple For example: if you don’t know that the keyword ranking requires links, let alone analyze the connection situation when solving why the website is not ranked! So, some website optimization The foundation must be firmly grasped, see more, and hide more (favorites) are some better practices!



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