Will Smith Fortnite Character Finally Launched Full Review

All right welcome to my august 28 live item shop review video I'm about two hours late because I just got home from my cousin's wedding and boy was it hot it's like 103 degrees here.

Will Smith Fortnite Character
Will Smith Fortnite Character (Source: Fornite)

No joke all humidity we were in dress clothes pretty much sweating profusely even this late at night it was just so hot and then the mosquitoes came out we had to leave a bit early.

But I'm still late to the item shop we're starting with a gift from my good friends how are you I hope to play with you tomorrow let's see what we got and a gift from learning to earn.

You guys are the best mike lowry aka will smith from learning to earn here he's got the detective's duffel man that is loaded with some heavy firearms right there.

So we'll take a look at him in just a second what did to give me let's see the loose cannon cutters not sure what this is because it is not showing up but thank you guys so much.

I truly appreciate that let's take a look in the item shop aha so here you go will smith is finally in Fortnite there he is a boy how come this is not an icon series skin that looks exactly like him.

Look at those buff biceps my goodness they made him huge that's pretty cool he's a pretty plain-looking character but oh why did it take me out what the heck that's awesome.

So he's got quite a few sidearms there and then his detective's duffel like I said is just fully loaded so this, of course, is from the bad boy's movie which I think the new one hasn't come out yet.

But it should be soon so this is pretty much a collab now I am a fan of will smith I think he's a tremendous actor but like I said this is pretty plain I don't know if I would spend 1500 $ on this.

Mystify Fortnite Character
Mystify Fortnite Character (Source: Fornite)

But i guess if you'd like will smith then go for it his name is mike lowry just like in the bad boy's movies so here's his pickaxes oh was a cool animation the loose cannon cutters.

Thanks again got a nice custom contrail there are 500 for those cryptic and mystify are back like that pretty sweet they of course came with the new orange style.

Well it was new a few weeks ago ori guess months maybe at this point being while mystifying the same deal got the normal default style and then the orange mask even changes on this one.

I didn't realize that oh wait her hood comes down too yeah she's a hati mean she always had a hat but she loses the hood nice that's a pretty cool enigma don't know because this doesn't really match either of the styles.

So not really a fan of that the toy skins are back toy trooper three different styles for that same thing for the plastic patrol you've got green-gray and red although red looks kind of weird.

orbital abductor Fortnite
orbital abductor Fortnite (Source: Fornite)

Now the toy soldier wraps you got three different wraps same colors not too good but still good value pepper thorn is back she's got three styles I can't remember what they are no hat what else no sunglasses.

Yeah oh no sunglasses and hat and then the back bling uh just changes the case okay orbital the abductor is reactive oh yeah I remember this one literally reacts to your audio as you can see beats are coming out of it.

Right now just from my background music it's a bit bulky though I can't remember if it had a special contrail I think it did a presser this is a pretty good skin very expensive of course.

But two styles blue and read something for the creepy spine back bling blue and red then we've got the plasmatic edge which again blue and unfortunately, you only have the red wrap.

Though but it's pretty sweet matches very nicely to that red effect I love this skin even though she barefoot reminds me of some medieval sorcerer sorceress source rests rather yeah although she does have horns.

Ugh, I hate horns in this game she's pretty sweet 1200 for her what else we got ruckus is back everybody likes ruckus spike chamber is his backbiting.

He recently got a secondary style right there which is even creepier the eyes just get all creepy it's like staring to my eyes uh-huh can't look at that whiplash I love the color scheme on her.

She's only 800 $ good skin hit it is a bit copyrighted sadly 500 $ for that savage unfortunately copyrighted can't hear it good dance moves drum major, not copyrighted traversal this one always cracks me up.

ruckus fornite Fortnite Character
ruckus fornite Fortnite Character (Source: Fornite)

When people do it in-game it's a bit obnoxious though all those extravagant gestures I don know ground pound boom love that one for only 200 pretty sweet hey this shadow strike pack is back.

So a lot of people say this is one of the worst packs in the game I don't know mean maybe it's just because the mecha team shadow is in there but I'm a big fan of the shadow skins.

They're just cut and dry you know what you're getting and they glow a little bit so that's always cool so let's see how much it is if we try to gift it to someone that does not have it is 2 800. 

So that's the price don't know I liked it but again not many people did other than me the get far out bundle however amazing I did a review and gameplay on the pickaxe the backplane and one of the skins and I think these are some of the best skins in the game.

You don't need all of these though you just need one a lot of people are mad that there's no guy skin through whatever still a great skin j ball is still here did a full gameplay review on that something for master chief bundle full gameplay review on that.

If you want to check it out mecca Morty is still here I wonder when he's going away good bundle wonder woman still here when she's going away and then cyber infiltration pack and the tools the pack is all still here.

So there you go highlight here is will smith aka mike lowry is now in Fortnite there you go that's all there is to it hopefully you guys enjoyed this video alike is always appreciated and donut forget to use my supported.

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