10 Quick SEO Tips - Secret Tips for Advance SEO


In this blog, I'm going to show you 10 tricks that will help get your company to the top of google for free. Stick around and watch these 10 tips that are going to help you dominate google for zero dollars

let's get started all right well I'm going to go through the tips pretty quick the mall up for you.

10. Served Rush:

So our number 10 is served rush it's sort of a fun little trick it's sort of tongue-in-cheek open that up this is really what's called google easter egg.

and you put in Zergrush with a G and it's going to destroy your google search results as you're watching so it's more of a fun trick that just shows a lot is going onto google that most people don't know there's a lot of weird little tricks you can do some buns I'm very serious.

9. URL Builder:

Url builder

so number 9 is a tool a lot of people don't know about its called the URL builder and what this does is it allows you to tag your email campaigns your Facebook campaigns.

Maybe print advertising campaigns you can play with this tool and thereby really track where your marketing efforts are working to generate results on your web page.

so that's number nine URL builder from googling it's effective for advertising measurement 

8.Google Alerts:

google alert

Number eight is what's called Google Alerts are super cool if you're not using them what you can do is you can put your company name in here you can put your own name.

you can put your competitor's name and Google will do what Google will email you all the time every day once a week it will email you when your competitor has a blog post when your industry keywords have blog posts.

when people are talking about you on the Internet so for free, this is an amazing little tool to monitor what's going on the internet in your industry.

7.Site Command:

site command

number seven is our site command this is an amazing little trick to find out how many pages of your website Mr in the Google index so you enter site colon with no space and then your web domain in this case our domain totally serial.

because we do SEO training, you can see we have about three thousand results in the Google index and what else you can do over here on the left-hand side, you can open that up and see how many results in the past month.

61 have been indexed by Google on our website so you can get a sense of your indexing patterns this is a very important tool to use you can also take site colon twitter com and then put in a keyword put in a company name like Geico and you can see what's going on on Twitter in the past month.

over a competitor and Industry you can put an organic food can put in whatever keywords you're playing with you can use site colon twitter com Facebook com you can use this to monitor different websites including your own.

and the relationship with Google so that's what makes our list at number seven

6.Google Blog Search:

google blog search

Number six is Google Blog search most people don't realize google actually searches the blogosphere so again put in your keywords organic food whatever you can find blogs that talk about your keywords.

you can find bloggers you can browse what blogs have posted stuff in the last week why you can use this to figure out who you can build links with who can you get to talk about your company so you can put in a competitor's name a keyword.

whatever put it in on Google Blog Search and off you go so Google Blog search amazing little tool for monitoring the blogosphere that's number six.

5.Related Searches:

five is related searches put in your keywords organic food hypnotherapist Dallas whatever over here on the left make sure you enable this by browsing on the left side related searches and then what do you see all the related searches here.

SEO training again a keyword very important to us because we teach search engine optimization on the internet and you can see people are putting in freak or city name certification so related search do that for any keyword.

that you're interested in let's put an organic food and you can see what are people searching for concerning that keyword organic food what do you do then you put that into your blog into your web pages you use all the tips and tricks of SEO to get to the top.

4.Google PageSpeed:

Number four is Google PageSpeed this is a tool from Google that monitors how quick your page is to respond so I'm going to put our page in here to use organs hit analyze.

and what this tool is going to do is give me a score about how fast I am so I'm 82 out of a hundred which is very good and it's going to give me suggestions on things I can do to improve my page speed.

why do we care terms of SEO because the faster your web pages respond to Google you get a little boost in terms of your SEO google likes speedy web pages this tool does an analysis of your speed.

3.Google Analytics IQ Lessons:

google iq lesson

Number three google analytics IQlessons google analytics amazing platform for understanding how people are getting to your website what they're doing what they do they register do they buy something pretty complicated.

wouldn't it be amazing if there was a little sort of online university with all sorts of amazing little videos on google analytics guess what there is would it be amazing if you couldn't get to this from inside google-analytics.

because they didn't think to link google analytics to google analytics IQ lessons where you could learn that's true too it's kind of crazy so google analytics IQ lessons are where you go for in-depth lessons.

Google Analytics amazing stuff working with reports goals filters cookies eCommerce all of this is free all of this is hidden from people who are inside of analytics don't ask me why.

2.Rich Snippets Testing:

Number two Rich Snippets testing tool why do we care here let's do a search SEO training might see a trend here we do a lot of training SEO training look who's number two for SEO training look who has his picture on that search results page.

Try it yourself type in SEO training and Google and you're going to see my weird picture now how do you do that you have to enable Rich Snippets there's a tool by which you can put on your web pages and you can see if you did it correctly.

there are some tricks that we teach in our classes there have some videos on YouTube channel about how to enable Rich Snippets with Google Plus this tool makes sure that you did it correctly.

it's an amazing little trick and a good tool for getting to the top of google this number two

1.Google Search Engine:

Number one Google search engine the guide did you know that google produces a guide to search engine optimization can you look at that URL and believe how insane that URL is they spend millions promoting Adwords.

this is the only document that tells you what Google wants you to do to your website to show up number one doesn't tell you everything but it tells you a lot it's really useful it's really well written it's just pretty hidden.

so that makes it our number one thing that you should do now number zero because I kind of cheated you there on the rush that wasn't really a tool wasn't it it Wasnt really a trick it was just a sort of fun number zero is our own free webinar.

this is a webinar that we do every couple of months it's on the top 10 free tools for SEO so these are actually non-google tools amazingly cool stuff it's going to help you get to the top of Google.

So those are our top 10 quick tips for getting to the top of Google SEO  tips and tricks. thank you so much for reading this blog and I hope to see you in our next blog.

Thank you so much well I hope you enjoyed that ten tricks and I hope you go to our next blog the top 10 free SEO tools.

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