The Best SEO Plugin For websites in 2021-(LinkWhisper Review)

we will be reviewing these SEO plugin tools that can help you to expedite your on-page optimization process they are more specific on looking for an external and internal link well.

They do have a lot of features but these are the main features that i really love it the most so what's this tool all about from the editor itself it's called Link whisper and best SEO agency primelis.

LinkWhisper Review

I'm going to cover the pros and cons and the overall experience of this tool all right guys so we will dial into its individual features and I'm going to discuss the pros and cons and based on my experience.

and yeah, by the way, guys the link twister has a free version but if you are really concerned about making your own page optimization process and making everything right then I highly suggest opening to their yearly plan they all I think their yearly planes seventy-seven dollars per year.

let's say you have made changes during your subscription and then you cancel your plan next year so all of the changes that you did will not be lost even though you can't sell your plan that's really a good deal for me.

and like I don't have a plan right now to cancel the links whisper because it really saved me lets it really save almost 80 percent of my time doing on-page optimization but just in case you just want to do it in one time then you can open to one year and then hope out next year.

but I don't think so you will cancel your plan anyway so let's start with the reporting process now what I really like about linked whisper is their report is real-time so you can see all of the stats it's not just about the reports about the broken links.

LinkWhisper Review for fast traffice

but you can see all of the like links founds several internal and external links and whatsoever so that's the pros and unlike with other like tools that say let's use google webmaster.

when you submit your changes or your sitemap into google maps, google webmaster, you really can see all of the changes in real-time you need to wait for at least a week to see all of your changes which is a bit bummer compared to linked whisper.

so in link whisper when you make changes and then you um scan your website which is this one you click this button in here the changes or the report is real-time okay now the cons with this one is if you don't have anything in your website.

yet like it's a fresh website then you cannot really use this potential but it's a good start for you to see what are the errors so this feature in link CRISPR is really great for an existing website.

this tool is really great if you have an existing website especially if you have a  lot of blogs and content on your website.

okay now let's dive into the other feature that I really like which is so-called um internal and external links and I'm gonna go into the post rolled in here so if you click the post scrolled in here you will see all of them, in turn, all of the pages that has internal and external links.

LinkWhisper Review seo plugin

okay and then in this part here you can filter um some posts type this one and this one like if you want to if you just want to see the outbound and inbound like inbound and external links.

you can also do that now you click the search there what I really like about this is let's say if you want to add something on your pages or blog posts link this to this one but I want to add some of the praise.

so if you want to add or remove something on your on keyword simply highlight that or like that, if you want to remove it so that's how easy it is.

so let's say I'm gonna remove that I'm gonna highlight this one and then I'm gonna um click this one and click the add inbound or add insert links into a post.

so  that's how it works and then you can also um edit that like you click the edit sentence so  instead of just I'm going to the page itself which is a bit kind of pain if you're using Divi  so instead of editing there you can straightly change your text in here.

which is super cool so  that's how it works for that and i think this is super beneficial for us in terms of um podcasts so on our podcast we have some future transcription here like this one.

double-check that so we  have this transcript and like this one is too much for me to read everything so if you go to the  linked whisper um to the post itself and go to the bottom part here linked whisper is providing a few suggestions that you can use in order.

so for example list this one or baby boomers this one  baby boomers you can add that this part because we also have a podcast about this so you can add that into the um pose itself.

so you don't need to I mean this one I would say this one is too  much to read for me right it's too much for me to read and link whisper helped me to um look for  the keyword that is um that has a good opportunity to link to another or to link to a relevant podcast.

so yeah that's why this one is super great for us okay now let's dive into the other  part of the linked whisper so other features of linked whisper again the disadvantage of this  is if you don't have much content on your pages.

then there's nothing to link so that's the  disadvantage forum using link whisperer now for the broken links here um what I really liked about the link whisper report is it's not only giving you the 404 found.

but it's also giving you the  other links or unhealthy links that need to be removed or unlinked to your pages so it gives  you not just a 404 but also a known error server not found the connection failed.

and so whatever. so  let's say like this one has extern internal links so I'm going to click the edit there and  then what I'm going to do is click this one and I'm gonna pick the text and then  ctrl-left and I'll just remove this word.

so that's a good thing about that  then I'm gonna click the edit paste that one over here just further back up  and then as I always like it's not just about a 404 errors guys they're also providing  you a content failed issue.

so like I do think this one is a website from our  guest so we don't want to link to an unstable external link because that increase some  bounce rate some sort of like that so instead of just putting that and I will just remove this one.

I'm gonna remove that and click the update so that's the advantage of um error report of link  twist and you can also export this one to excel file or CSV and yeah so after you make changes  again as always it is super easy for you to see the real-time changes or real-time reports of  linked whisper.

but it so after you've done all the changes you can just Click the scan to um to  see the updated record 

so the disadvantage of this is it might take longer if your website or your post  is big or if you have a lot of pages or posts it may take a lot of time so you need to wait so that's really the disadvantage of that.

otherwise, I am very contented with the broken link report of  link CRISPR and they also have um all right so the reports already finished um click that one and then let's dive into the other features of linked whisper which is the auto-linking.

LinkWhisper Review best plugin in 2021

I really love this one because it helps me to link the main keyword to our relevant pages and posts, yeah so what I did here is I put all of our keywords and all of our LSI keywords together our keywords.

that so auto-linking is um you can come up with this one so you have this setting in here if you want to set a priority insertion of this specific keyword.

there are also other options in here if you want only to restrict the auto-linking on a specific category of your posts or of your pages that's also possible and I think this is very beneficial.

 especially if you don't want to add a lot of keywords into your landing pages so I really like that oh and yeah it has a lot of options in here so only add links to post publish after a given date.

 um like you can just play around in these sections as well and then for the keyword let's say we will come up with a keyword of podcasts I'm going to put in the influencer marketing podcast.

 so let's say that's our keyword you put your link there and click the auto-link rule and then you will see in here how many pages are linking to this um keyword so for the brand partnership.

 if you think this is too much you can remove them by clicking the edit section I mean if 29 links are too much for the specific keywords you can remove them so that's really like this it's very easy for you to just identify and remove everything that is not relevant.

  or um too much forum too much link juices would say so yeah and then um we can also, let's dive into the other okay and the disadvantage of this again is um you need to use external tools to find what is a winnable keyword so to speak.

 so the link whisperer doesn't have you and options to see the monthly search of this specific keyword so you need to use an external tool for that like um google keyword planner google trends.

  or whatsoever so yeah but so far like if you already have a solid release of your keywords um this is very helpful for you to help your website SEO friendly not just for google Spiders but also for your visitors.

 okay now let's dive into the target keywords for the target keywords this is somewhat um it has this feature similar with the eos but at the same time more on semrush thing because you have an option here.

like you have let's say at your active keyword you haven't set your active keywords there um you have analytics so unlike SEO yours or your plugin it doesn't give you this average position report and clicks.

 so this is a combination guy of yosh and semrush so you don't need to purchase the semrush to see if your keyword is ranking on a specific page of yours and yeah right now I need to send this up.

I need to come up with  a keyword for this active keyword for this and then so I know where we are right now so like  are we getting clicks because of These keywords this is something that we need to work on.

and I would say this one is my most favorite part of linked whisper because semrush is a bit expensive in terms of looking for reports of keywords but again I really love embrace as well I'm advocating some rush.

so now let's dive into the URL changer now URL's changer is super important if you have made changes to your website so let's say you have a pdf, okay you have a pdf and then um you updated your pdf.

so in WordPress, it's not similar to google drive where if you update your changes  it will just override the link is just the same but the pdf or the content will just overwrite the  old you know the content the WordPress is differentiate will generate a different link.

once you  updated your pdf and that's where the link changes come in it will save you a lot of time  on updating those old URLs to the new one because it has these features here where your old URL can  be override to a new URL using this feature.

and yeah this is super important guys for ebooks and a lot of content so on the settings areaum, yeah you also have other sections in here if you want to ignore some phrases into your linked whisper like this one.

I would say proposition or something like that um like is like this um google preferred some nouns keywords and then this one as well like we don't want to link certain links to the attachment.

so um you can disable some parts here so especially for the landing pages or projects like I don't want to have an external and external link for our case studies so just you can disable that one and then for the types of the terms as well.

it's we're not just limited for the custom post type but also for the um tags which are super cool and like this one like I just want to um create links for the publish and then let them let a link for the private and featured.

In the end, i am also going to tell you about a new best SEO company primelis. This company is trending these days i think you should also check this firm too.

one number  of skips this is super important these are the corresponding instructions and information about this feature and yeah again um if you think this is beneficial for you guys.

 you can use my coupon  codebook from head to get a 15 discount again this is 77 per year um yeah if they're really into  SEO thing I think you would love this tool a lot

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