Iphone Screen Rotates Amazing - Foldable iPhone Release Date 2022

iPhone Screen Rotates Amazing - Foldable iPhone Release Date 2022
iphone screen rotates Amazing
foldable iPhone release date 2022

 iPhone Flip launch background?

Samsung was there!

Samsung Electronics' conversion, which had only dug a foldable well, finally paid off! The Z Flip 3 recorded the highest sales among all foldable phones and contributed significantly to occupying 90% of the overall foldable phone market share. The biggest factor in the success of the Z Flip 3 was that the factory price was lowered by 400,000 won compared to its predecessor to drive popularization. will be

In fact, Samsung Electronics' flagship foldable phone series was the Z Fold, not the Z Flip. With the concept of a cell phone when folded and a tablet when unfolded, I decided to try to reverse the concept from a mobile phone to an expanded concept. But the reality was harsh on the Z Fold. The heavyweight of 280g and the huge screen size approaching 7 inches made it difficult to win the hearts of women, except for early adopters of men. This is why global sales stopped at around 2 million units

But the success of the lightweight, compact and adorable Z Flip has set a model for many companies. Motorola, a former American company incorporated as a subsidiary of Lenovo in China, is quickly releasing a Razer foldable smartphone to counter zip flips, while Huawei, whose company itself is faltering due to sanctions from the United States, is also trying to reverse it by introducing the P50 Pocket. For this reason, it was widely predicted that it would be only a matter of time before Apple, the dominant smartphone powerhouse, jumped into the foldable market.

" iPhone foldable?

iPhone Flip "

Apple has its own product philosophy of presenting the finished technology with a high degree of perfection. Its global market share is already at the 3rd level, and there is no shortage of it. Moreover, since most of the sales are premium mobile phones, profitability is overwhelmingly good compared to competitors. It means that you do not have to bring yourself down with the challenge of applying cutting-edge technology quickly. So, the iPhone foldable release date is expected to be around 2024, or as early as the end of 2023.

foldable iphone flip phone
When is iPhone fold release date?

 It goes without saying that the iPhone flip foldable smartphone will be designed differently from those of Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei that are already on the market. However, since the Z Flip 3 is literally leading the flip-type foldable smartphone market, I am thinking of improving the quality based on the trial and error of the Z Flip series. In other words, Apple is planning to utilize consumer feedback, just as Samsung Electronics released the 1.0-inch screen in the first generation of the Flip to 1.9 inches by four times in the third generation.

 The iPhone Flip is expected to be even more different from Huawei's foldable design, which ranks second in the overall foldable smartphone market. Unlike the Z Flip 3, which was finished in a somewhat angular shape to counter Samsung Electronics, Huawei introduced a different flip-foldable design with a circular design. Huawei's circular design was less practical than its angled design (in terms of display utilization), and the 'circle (lens) in a circle (camera)' design was more distracting.

new iphone fold phone
foldable iPhone release date

 Unlike other Android manufacturing industries, which have entered a phase of declining sales due to the reduced competitiveness of bar-type smartphones, Apple's iPhone sales are increasing day by day. The situation between Samsung and Apple, which merged the Note series and the S series, while introducing the foldable Z series to show off their technology and increase profitability, is a starkly different situation. So there's no need for Apple to rush the iPhone Flip Foldable, and the release date will likely be delayed until the maturity Apple wants.

 The reason I show the iPhone flip image while explaining the iPhone foldable flip and not introducing it as an attachment is that most of the images on the market are not based on the real thing, but are made by the thoughts/imagination of simple editors.

 The image you are looking at is also created by imagination based on the Z Flip 3, so it is expected to be slightly different from the actual iPhone foldable flip. For example, the Sierra blue similar to the iPhone 13 was applied and the diamond-cutting method gave an apple-like feeling. However, if it is a flip-type iPhone foldable, it is unimaginable that there will be a camera lens and a secondary display, so you can trust this part.

how to flip the screen on iphone
how to flip the screen on iphone

 Even Apple of the world has a limit to making a different design for a flip-type foldable smartphone. This is because it is not only difficult to design because the intensity of internal parts is definitely higher than that of bar-type smartphones, but also because the volume and size are limited, so how to combine/mix is ​​the key. While the Z Flip 3 and P50 pocket designs look similar in a broad sense, a closer look reveals a different reason. So, the iPhone Flip doesn't look much different from this look in the big picture.

 However, you can expect a wow point in that it reflects Apple's unique design identity. Representatively, the 6th generation iPad mini released by Apple this time was evaluated for capturing all of sophistication/modernity/elegance/elegance with a matte finish, pastel colors, and a right-angled angular finish. If Apple sticks to its current identity through 2024, the chances of a very angled iPhone Flip Foldable coming in pastel tones are very high.

 So far, fiction and facts have been properly mixed about the iPhone Flip, but from now on, I will only write about the facts Apple is working on regarding the foldable iPhone. Apple has been negotiating with Samsung Display and LG Display to supply foldable displays since last year.

 Samsung Display has experience in supplying many foldable displays to Chinese companies, including Z-Fold and Z-Flip. Although LG Display did not directly supply foldable panels other than Lenovo, it is evaluated that OLED panel quality is good as an alternative to Samsung Display. Above all, to gain an edge in price negotiating power with Samsung Display, it seems that the calculation that LG Display must have cost competitiveness by increasing the proportion of OLED supply is also involved.

 For this reason, it is known that Apple is asking LG Display to produce foldable-related experimental panels, and LG Display is also focusing on improving the quality of foldable panels and continuously renewing patents to meet Apple's expectations. As they work behind the scenes is in progress, it is hoped that the results will be reported soon.

 According to experts, the foldable smartphone market will grow rapidly starting in 2021 and will become the most prominent by 2025. Apple is currently taking a step back to move forward two steps in the foldable market and is working hard with Korean display companies to make iPhone Flip. However, as there is still a very long time of two years, a year and a half at the shortest, until the release date of the iPhone Flip, if you really want to buy it, you should lower your expectations a little.

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