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 What is SEO 

 Overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Background of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) theory 

Maximize your revenue model with SEO 

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What is SEO Background of SEO
                                                                                                                                            What is SEO (source : wikipedia)

  • Overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is "a method of optimizing a website with various approaches in order to display the company's website as high as possible in the search results by a search engine". Each search engine company has its own algorithm and database to calculate the ranking of search results. And the algorithms of each company are not constant and are constantly changing and evolving. However, by researching and elucidating the logic of the algorithm, it is possible to optimize the website for each search engine and display it at the top of the search results.

Background of SEO
                                                                                                                            Background of SEO (source: pexels)

Actually, by creating a landing page for SEO and displaying that page at the top of the search results, we will capture the users who typed in the desired search keyword from there. This is like increasing the number of store entrances in the alleys in front of a busy station. Naturally, we can expect an increase in the number of visitors.

Recently, the term "SEO" or "search engine optimization" has finally come to be heard in Japan. In the United States, SEO Workshops (intensive classes) to become "SEO Masters" and "SEO Specialists" are also held in cities throughout the United States. SEO has become the hottest business key phrase since " CRM " has had a serious impact on online players.

Like SEO, the term SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which is the theoretical background of SEO, also refers to the top blue-chip companies in the United States and their advertisers, as well as small companies with 5 or fewer employees who provide services. individually has been highly evaluated by site owners who have e-commerce sites, and it has become popular as a marketing term that uses the Internet as an advertising medium.

By the way, the word SEO has come to be recognized as a synonym for search engine marketing (SEM) here in the United States through various histories. The definition can be said to be "SEO is a method of optimizing a website with various approaches in order to display your website at the top of the search results by a search engine."

  • Background of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) theory

“More than 85% of Internet users search for products and services through search engines”

google search engine optimization
google search engine optimization (source:needpix)

As you can see from the statistics above, search engines have become a daily means of finding the information you are looking for. For example, let's say a traveler goes to a land he doesn't know where. It is naturally expected that he/she will use a search engine as a means of finding necessary information not only on maps but also on local attractions, transportation, food, and accommodation. 

The search engine here acts as a guide to guide people. But what if your site appears in its search results with useful information? Whether it's a restaurant or a hotel, the traveler should be guided by the search results to visit you.

In short, search engines are a way to properly guide consumers looking for something to your website, effectively connecting the products and services you want to offer with the potential consumers looking for them. 

You can call it a matching tool. Here, the marketing theory (search engine marketing = SEM) of maximizing the efficiency of attracting customers from search engines is found. And the website development or optimization process that focuses on this theory is SEO.

  • Maximize your revenue model with SEO

SEO is a new marketing solution that aims to expand global revenues

SEO's interests:

(1) Efficiently guide prospects from search engines to your website

(2) Promote revenue-directed customer attraction to achieve maximum efficiency of the advertising budget

(3)  Torafukku expansion and online the announcement affect branding establishment of

our company will provide a variety of SEO techniques on the basis of the sales goals and needs of the clients

at our Web site SEO sector You will understand the information and the quality of our SEO solution.

Please use it for the Acquisition of Customers / Expansion of Market Share.

  • When using SEO-FOR-ALL

This website SEO FOR ALL provides a wide range of information on SEO with the aim of maximizing sales promotion activities that make effective use of search engines.

 In the US online marketplace, shifting has already taken place from "mass announcement type" to highly profitable "targeting type" advertising form, and the concept of "search engine = advertising medium" and "search result = advertising" has been introduced. Established.

 SEO companies that are often seen in the United States have finally become a hot topic in Japan. However, compared to the United States, the current situation is that SEO information and recognition itself are still lacking, so I think it is extremely difficult to select an SEO company. 

If one technology is mistaken for SEO, it will result in a great sacrifice to the client, so it is desirable for the client to select the SEO company with certain accurate information. I hate website has a lot of content, but as you read it, you will understand what the "essence of search engine marketing" and "orthodox SEO" are. ..

In addition, our SEO service, which has a reputation for high quality and orthodox SEO technology, can be selected from the SEO service in the menu. You can use our SEO service as a marketing activity that prioritizes the conversion to profitability and contract rate, not just for the purpose of temporary high-ranking display.

  • Request from SEO Strategy Division

No matter what business you're targeting, the idea of ​​using a website as a marketing tool is really right. However, I would like you to take action after firmly understanding the theory of marketing regardless of whether you are online or offline.

 We are very grateful to receive inquiries about SEO, but we hope that you at least understand the concept of search engine marketing at the stage of receiving inquiries. We believe that the purpose of our SEO business is not only to display the websites of client companies at the top of the search results but also to achieve the purpose only when the profits of client companies are expanded. 

SEO is extremely Among the Web marketing return on investment (ROI), but is a highly soluble, we have to end the difference is the business of our approach is that has been done by such as a conventional registration skilled in the art.

 Even if you take one of the competition definition and keyword selection stages, if you make a mistake in the selection, you will not be able to match with the target consumer. We would appreciate it if you could clearly understand our marketing theory so that we can clear each other's milestones one by one. (April 2002)

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