Los Angeles California Free Travel Guide 2021

Los Angeles California Travel Guide
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what's going on everybody this is Me and today I'm coming to you from Los Angeles California right here on the corner of Hollywood and la Brea avenue we're gonna walk around Los Angeles.

 I'm gonna show you around some of these places in Hollywood so if you're excited about this video to crush up the likes and let's get started all right we are definitely gonna show you guys around the best of Los Angeles here.

The second-largest city in all of America the metropolitan population of Los Angeles is around 13 to 14 million people here starting out on Hollywood boulevard as you can see the walk of fame with the stars

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This area of Hollywood is really popular because it's home to many of us film industry major corporations Disney paramount pictures universal pictures warner brothers.

So this area is really popular with the movie and entertainment industry as you may have already known how they do have the Hollywood sign nearby the

Hollywood hotel lots of history can be seen around this area it was originally consolidated with the city of Los Angeles in 1910 but it was incorporated in 1903 so it's still a fairly new neighborhood in the Los Angeles metro area when visiting Hollywood you may want to take in a theater show or do a tour they have walking tours

they have the hop-on-hop-off bus that you guys can ride around and get a really good insight into Hollywood here or actually hike all the way up to that Hollywood sign

and here's a good look at the actual sign for those of you who will not be planning to hike up that way as well as a look at the auditorium and the hop on hop off

sightseeing buses and yes Hollywood is definitely an electric environment especially when restrictions are lifted and the fun is allowed to happen again as you can see around the theaters and whatnot so now 

we will head out of Hollywood here and show you guys around the rest of la-la land as they like to call it out here but uh yeah we're heading now down towards where Beverly hills are you have Wilshire boulevard sunset boulevard all that good stuff out here and when you're driving around here or

walking around don't be surprised if you actually see some celebrities it's been known to happen a time or two to visitors and even people who live here especially

                                                                                                      Image source:Unsplash

taking a comedy show or see what's going on with any form of entertainment out here as we approach the world-famous Beverly hills definitely a high-end posh neighborhood 

where rodeo drive is located actually speaking of celebrities rodeo drive is where you more than likely will bump into some high-class celebrity status person at some point the more time you spend down here and I know that some of you guys are actually looking to see if you can recognize your favorite celebrity

now of course the main thing to do down here on rodeo in Beverly hills is a shop but some people just like to check out all the sweet-looking cars that people drive when they're cruising up and down rodeo drive pretty much all day any day 

you'll see these hot-rod kinds of sports cars, Lamborghinis Ferraris, you name it really just a beautiful place to walk around and even people watch as you can see the Los Angeles Mediterranean climate that everyone knows around the world is here the great

                                                                                                                           Image source:Unsplash

the weather just makes for a really pleasant afternoon evening or whenever you're here maybe even the morning if you are enjoying this Los Angeles travel guide you can consider subscribing to this channel we have many travel guides all across the world and after you're done with rodeo drive and Beverly hills you can head down to

Wilshire Boulevard is where a lot of people decided to live in these high-rise apartments and condos that they have down here so you'll see many residential

high-rise buildings right up and down Wilshire Boulevard and here's a really good look at the Los Angeles traffic these freeways are second to none in the world really and what would a trip to Los Angeles be without some hiking this one here is Runyon canyon but there are many hiking trails all across Los Angeles that you can

choose from depending on what area you're in Pasadena central Los Angeles but in this case, we're just going to show you guys around what hiking around Runyon canyon can give you views of the Los Angeles area that will definitely become picturesque but it also give you a good workout and if you like views but you don't want

to have to hike you can drive up to the Griffith observatory this is a popular place with adults and children alike look at the views from up there if indoor markets are your thing you can check out the district market in downtown Los Angeles now when you're in the downtown l.a area you will discover there are a variety of different

attractions but this area here where the district market is you'll see there is some history you can ride the streetcar up and down the little mountain there which used to be popular many moons ago but it's still today popular 

and you could see it cost one dollar per ride it's a short little ride and as you can see it's actually called angel's flight railway and up here once you get up top on the angel's flight railway you'll see the museum of contemporary art there are a few other museums

in this area of downtown Los Angeles, the area is definitely gentrifying and it is quite nice now if you do get a chance to go to downtown la and you want to go to the

top of the sky slide at one skyspace out here in Los Angeles you can go up there and ride the slide and that's a great view for those of you who are not afraid of heights this should be fun but even if you are afraid of heights 

you can stay away from the slide but get good views anyway really popular with the kids this building here is actually the u.s bank tower and it does give you a 360-degree panoramic view from around Los Angeles from the downtown central area all right

 so now that we've seen the u.s bank tower and the downtown Los Angeles area let's go over to La Brea tar pits so this area is interesting because of the history with the bones that have been discovered in this tar pit area everything from woolly mammoths to saber-toothed tigers and they're still pulling out the remains of animals to this day 

                                                                     Image source:Unsplash

and you can see that when you're here but these tar pits are bubbling in case you didn't know and right next to the La Brea tar pits is going to be this art museum of Los Angeles quite an interesting looking area as you can see these light poles are on the outside but you'll have to go on the inside to see just what they have in there

and if you get a chance you can head up to the Getty Center and check out the campus and the museum the garden and whatnot around this area overlooking all of Los Angeles metro as well so quite a nice garden area and a peaceful place to just relax and another thing you may want to do is just cruise around broadway

 walk from 5th street to 7th street or 7th street to 5th street whatever you'd like to do find a place to take pictures with all these palm trees look at that view then you can head over to one of the beaches malibu Venice beach but look at malibu right here back when you're down here you can also go to Huntington beach all the way up

towards Santa barbara not too far away some people even like to take the ferry from long beach over to Catalina island this here is a look at Santa Monica pier though one of the more iconic places in Los Angeles I got kitty rides and a little bit of an arcade really what most people like to do down here is people watch 

rollerblade ride the bike along the beach or take in a world-famous sunset from Santa Monica pier not too far south from Santa Monica pier is Venice beach another place where people like to take in the sunset or people watch 

so yeah lots of beaches all up and down this side of the coast from Santa Monica all the way down to Newport beach really just an amazing beautiful Edenic place on planet earth this Los Angeles metro area hope you guys enjoyed this episode from Los Angeles and you can see the city lights right here beautiful city hope you guys enjoy your visit.  

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