5 Different Ways to Check the Qualities of an SEO Company


5 Different Ways to Check the Qualities of an SEO Company

Here, from the standard viewpoint of judging the technology, information, and skills of SEO companies, how to identify SEO companies that provide correct services, 5 items are listed. We are here. It should be one of the indicators to distinguish whether the SEO company that customers will fight together in the online market is qualified.

5 Different Ways to Check the Qualities of an SEO Company

Different Ways to Check the Qualities of an SEO Company (source:unsplash)

  1. Are you spamming? 
  2. Do you have solid SEO technical know-how? 
  3. Isn't only the top display a sales talk? 
  4. Can you propose other public relations/announcement activities for sales promotion? 
  5. Are you taking hidden risks on the client-side? 

  1. Are you spamming?

Are you using spamming techniques such as "link spam", "illegal clocking", "auto

 submission", "doorway page", or "primitive hidden characters"?

Some SEO companies are also committing one of these spammings. Until recently, there were also companies that had a big gate and recommended: "bulk registration to search engines". It is a taboo act such as registering corporate websites all at once here. 

We can see that users are not aware of information because they are still doing a wide range of businesses. Search engines today impose extremely severe penalties for spamming. 

If an SEO that has a temporary effect due to spam is discovered (or if another SEO company is notified), each site may be deleted from the search engine, and it is the SEO company that must ultimately take responsibility. Instead, you will be the site owner.

 For example, Google, which has a 70% reach to all Internet active users in the USA, will demote a website from its current ranking in search results if it considers it spam. It may also remove URLs from the database and exclude them from Googlebot (Crawler) patrols. 

Taking risks and implementing SEO is a dangerous act that threatens your business. Especially on business sites, you need to be very careful about the spam policy of the SEO company you are ordering from.

One of the most common examples of "bad SEO companies" in the United States is that spamming temporarily increases the traffic on your site and charges the site owner for every single traffic you send. 

At first glance, site owners may be happy, but in many cases, the traffic secured by this method will leave the site immediately without conversion (without leading to sales). In addition, spam penalties will remove your site from search engines. Keep in mind that correct SEO takes time. As a guide, it will take 3 months to stabilize.

2. Do you have solid SEO technical know-how?

It is out of the question for SEO companies that are not able to display even their own website at the top. Be careful of vendors who use meaningless (maniac) keywords to rank high and use them for sales talks!

In the USA, it seems that there are many companies that cannot achieve high-ranking displays even on their own websites while complaining that "search engines will realize high-ranking displays!" On the other hand, more and more companies are using maniac search keywords that people are unlikely to use for sales talks.

Ultimately, there are some vendors who have finally achieved high-ranking display of their own sites by all kinds of spamming that cannot be used (should not be used) on customer sites. In such cases, it may not be possible for the general public to judge, so it may be necessary to contact as many SEO companies as possible to measure their level.

In the case of the United States, search engine forums are held in various places where the search engine side also participates as a speaker, so site owners can participate by themselves and know the correct selection method for SEO and SEM companies. In the USA, there is a concern that the fact that there are only information sources such as seminars on the SEO company side may cause the general public to be confused.

3. Isn't only the top display the sales talk?

Qualities of an SEO Company
Qualities of an SEO Company (Source:Unsplash)

It's important to understand that

SEO is just one process of many marketing methods, and SEO is just one process of marketing activities based on search engine marketing (SEM) theory. 

SEO is effective in terms of branding and increasing the number of visitors to your website, but if your goal is to generate revenue for your business in some way, it's not just a person visiting your website. 

Therefore, having a clear understanding of your business, industry, competition, target consumers, and goals, and having valuable consulting capabilities from a marketing perspective is the lowest line. 

The key is to understand the importance of a marketing approach after successfully attracting customers and to be able to make proposals. An approach that applies only SEO's top-level display technology know-how generally leads to wrong results.

Also, if you think of SEO as an investment, the ROI brought about by SEO(Return on Investment = cost-effectiveness) should be assumed in advance. 

The effect can be verified when the log analysis is actually performed. In some cases, you can find corrections to your website and at the same time review your target audience. The target users will also differ depending on how your company positions your website.

 For example, there are many different approaches, whether it is aimed at branding targeting mass consumers and improving the effectiveness of announcements, or targeting knowledge consumers and connecting them directly to sales. SEO companies decide whether it is best practice to approach consumers by considering the profit model, not just SEO aimed at increasing traffic, but to bring about the big picture. Power and skill are required.

Choosing an

The SEO company is synonymous with outsourcing your marketing division. Originally, an SEO company is keyword research, competitive research, link strategy, content development, log analysis, problem-solving, and verification.

 The process of achieving really detailed and complicated milestones such as trajectory correction is indispensable. Reporting tracking reports and marketing reports should also be an indispensable task. Of course, this is not something that can be covered by commercially available log analysis tools. 

After a successful top-level display, you can only use it for your next marketing activity by accurately tracking and analyzing the on-site behavior of visiting users to see if they have reached the destination they expected.

4. Are you able to propose other public relations/announcement activities for sales promotion?

It is statistically proven that the most useful advertising medium for promoting a website is a search engine. However, if you have regional characteristics, or if you have successfully branded a particular industry or already online, a marketing activity media mix (cross-media strategy) that combines each media medium is effective. 

In fact, even companies that make good use of online advertising in the United States still use offline advertising in most cases. In many cases, you can clearly understand the target consumer behavior and maximize the effectiveness of web marketing while utilizing effective media. In other words, the ability to propose how to achieve overall sales efficiently and economically is required.

5. Are you taking hidden risks on the client-side?

Check the Qualities of an SEO Company
Check the Qualities of an SEO Company (Source:Unsplash)

Avoiding SEO Services Through Hosting or Websites Owned by SEO Companies As a

common and inferior SEO company method in the United States, promotion is carried out using sites owned by SEO companies. This is what Google calls a shadow domain (site), and it's like a kind of doorway page (site). 

From the service fee received from the client, the shadow site owned by the SEO company is displayed at the top instead of the client site, and the traffic generated from it is transferred to the client site to increase the number of visitors to the client site. 

Let me do it. And when a certain time comes, the service fee will be raised. If the client cancels the contract in the middle, the traffic from the optimized shadow site is sold to the client's competitors as it is.

The domain of the site that does SEO should be owned by the client. Also, keep in mind that there are risks when renting a hosting company owned by an SEO company. 

Below is a list of SEO company guidelines to avoid recently published by Google (December 2002).In particular, I have briefly summarized the contents that are likely to be relevant in Japan today.

An SEO company that suddenly sends mass mail (SEO is not a task that can be done on a mass scale, so SEO of a company targeting mass should be as effective as a suspicious diet drug)
  • A company that "guarantees" Google's No. 1(It is impossible to guarantee Google's No. 1 on the Google side)
  • SEO companies that don't clearly explain the SEO method they intend to use (Be careful as the site owner is responsible for what companies that use spam methods such as Doorway Page and "discard sites" have done!)
  • SEO techniques that require reciprocal links
  • Companies that use Shadow Domain
  • The company that creates the on-site Doorway Page
  • Companies that put hidden text links on unrelated sites
  • Get a better understanding of how SEO companies are spending your money

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