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It would have been due in December. This life that I can feel leaving my body as I write this. All the hopes and dreams and worries and everything. Flowing out of me, with no way to save it. Having … Continue reading

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Knees and Things

My knee still hurts. A lot. I had Ryan pick me up a brace at Target yesterday, and that helped a little with walking around the office. That’s about all I can do for walking though. I tried going to … Continue reading

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Temerity Jane (Kelly) recently wrote about her plans for birth and post-birth treatment of her baby, and how she feels about the plans. Her “this would be nice, if it could happen this way,” (instead of a birth plan) is pretty … Continue reading

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Why is it

Every time I go on vacation I get sick? Last year  when we went out east I got the worst cold EVER, and couldn’t take anything because I was pregnant. This year we went on the cruise, and I now … Continue reading

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Cravaack? Crap.

It appears that Chip Cravaack has won the 8th Congressional District race in Minnesota. I voted for Oberstar, which will come as no surprise to those of you that know me in real life. I do not lean republican, even … Continue reading

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Hey, winter, what’re you doing here so early?

I had to drive Ryan up, over the hill this morning (he had to be at the meeting place at 6:30…we made it by 6:50, which is pretty good for us these days; especially in the morning). When I went … Continue reading

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Have you seen my brain?

Ryan just told me that we short-changed our daycare person by a day, because apparently I can’t keep track of when we are bringing our son to his house. In my defense, we bring him there 3 days a week and … Continue reading

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Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

First of all; I am SO excited about the Rocky Horror episode of Glee that I can hardly stand it. I love Rocky Horror Picture Show. We just watched this week’s Glee episode, and they had a preview for the … Continue reading

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What is going on?

I scheduled a new post to go up at 8am. WordPress says it’s there, and when I click “view post” from the editing screen, I can see it. But it’s not on the home page of the blog. Am I … Continue reading

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Research, people, research

Someone posted on facebook today, “My mom’s dentist said that if the government hadn’t bailed out companies that ran themselves to the ground and gave the money to the regular people instead, every PERSON (not family, PERSON) would have received … Continue reading

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