New stuff

It’s been a while! Things have changed a bit. ;-)

We had a baby. Back in (early) June. Apparently we’ve been busy and just haven’t gotten around to posting about it on the blog. Whoops. Connor was born on 6/5, weighing 8lb, 6oz and 21″ long. Here are baby pictures:

Newborn baby!

Newborn baby!

Connor at 3 months, at 4am. Party time!

Connor at 3 months, at 4am. Party time!

James loves to give "his baby" kisses.

James loves to give “his baby” kisses.

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  1. AuntieM says:

    I LOVE seeing pics of you and your family. I have NOT seen Connor yet and James is growing so fast. We have to meet up here sometime – before winter, I think.

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