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I feel like I should probably update, but there isn’t really anything going on. Wausau was fabulous, as expected, and the car didn’t revolt against us for taking it into the state. Someday I will have to share my Wisconsin experiences. They are about 5 years old now, so getting to the point where they aren’t so painful…err…painfully embarrassing maybe is a better way of putting it.

My birthday was splendid. Ryan is a good husband and got me Season 5 of The Office, a cd I wanted (that brings my collection to at least 15!) and the game Sing Star for the Playstation 3. It’s a karaoke game, and from the little we’ve tried it out it seems like fun. Of course, like most games these days, they give you a limited number of songs and you can buy more online. Which I will of course do because what better use for my hard earned cash than spending it on songs that I can sing along to a couple times a month max?

This week we went out to dinner with friends in town to celebrate my birthday, which was fun. And the waitress loves us and got us fried ice cream for free (even though I would have paid for it). Yum. And I ate a pepper stuffed with cheese and deep fried for dinner. Was it delicious? YES. Was it healthy? Probably not so much. But I’ll rationalize it anyway – cheese is dairy! Peppers are a vegetable! Breading! It was almost all the food groups!

Ryan is on call for work this week, so we are mostly laying low. No big plans for the weekend or anything, which is nice. This summer has involved a lot of running, so it’s good to spend some time at home. Plus, we’ll be driving up north for Oktoberfest in my mom’s hometown the next weekend. It’s her birthday that weekend, and it’s a milestone one, so there is sure to be a celebration of some sort. I can’t wait! Pictures will follow, hopefully.

They are doing construction in our office. We are expanding into the office space next door, so that was getting completely renovated, and now they are moving into our actual space. They are installing a sprinkler system while they go, so there’s a lot of ceiling work and hammering and sawing and stuff. Good times. The ceiling pieces were falling on my head yesterday for a bit. Just little ones, though – no work comp injuries here! Hopefully they will be done soon. I kind of wish they would just give us a few days off and they could just crank it all out, but that’s not going to happen.

I’m hungry. Also I don’t know how to close out this entry, so why not with a totally random statement? Snack time!

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2 Responses to Nothing new

  1. Mary says:

    I appreciate how you put “milestone birthday” instead of the actual number. I think you must have learned tact from me. :)

  2. fox.loris says:

    I also liked the milestone comment. Do you really only have 15 cds?

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