President Obama…it has a nice ring to it

I have to get going to work, but I am so happy with the election results. And it’s so heartening to see how many people in the US and around the world are so happy about this. Like everyone else, I think John McCain did a fabulous job in his concession speach – it was graceful, humble and eloquent. Obama’s speech held the entire room quiet (we had 5 friends over). It was so awesome to know that this is a moment in time that we will tell our kids about…a GOOD thing that happened that I will always remember where I was when it was made official. I don’t think I’ve ever had a good thing that I knew would be like that. It’s always been bad things…9/11, the end of the OJ trial. I don’t specifically remember the Challenger explosion (I have the worst memory ever, aparently), but that would have been a bad one too. But this is a great thing. And I am so excited for the future of our country. I know it will be a long road, and I know that President Obama won’t be able to make all the changes he wants, or perform any miracles. But it feels good to have a general feeling of hope.

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  1. Aunt Janice says:

    Does it make me a total dork that every time I hear someone on the radio or TV say “President-Elect Obama,” I get all choked up and teary?
    Second only to my children, I think this is the proudest I’ve ever been of something I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I’m exhausted, facing heaps of laundry, a nearly empty pantry, and a household in complete disarry, but it’s worth it. Definitely worth it.
    I was a poll watcher in our precinct yesterday morning from 7 – 9AM. It was so fun to watch our friends and neighbors come through. Long lines, but lots of patience evident. Pat and I voted early, so no waiting for us. I walked neighborhoods to get out the vote for the rest of the day, and by 5:15PM, headquarters called our staging area to say that our suburb was done – we got out our targeted percentage of Democratic voters with four hours to spare! Pat surprised me with a bottle of champagne when the polls closed out west, so it was a good, good night.
    President-Elect Obama…sniff.

  2. Mary says:

    I voted after work on Wednesday. Didn’t have to wait in line at all for Ross Township. But I did drive to Ross Town Hall where we usually vote, then had to drive all the way back to town as the polling place had been moved. (I think the town hall is ready to fall down)Anyway, I walked into the city center, still not sure which way I was going to vote, and praying for guidance in my final decision. No, I’m not going to tell you which way I went as my Dad always used to say that is a private decision. Let’s just say I will be happy as well, not to have to listen to Sara Palin anymore. On a side note, what is wrong with MInnesotans that we vote to put in office, all star wrestlers & comedians? If Al Frankin wins the recount I may have to move across the border.

  3. Mary says:

    Oops, meant Tuesday. This week is dragging by!

  4. Becky says:

    LOL. The Senate race makes my head hurt. I didn’t like any of the candidates. And everyone has the right to keep their vote private. I figure most people already know which way I was going anyway. ;-)

  5. Aunt Janice says:

    The MN senate race reminded me of the old days when you used to actually get fed on commercial air flights, and the stewardess would come by and offer you your choices: “Would you like the rank, fishy tuna salad, or the tasteless, cardboard-esque turkey on rye?”
    “Seriously, those are my choices? Ummm, I’ll just have a can of that flavored spring water stuff, thanks.” According to the numbers, looks like that’s what a lot of Minnesotans chose in the end, which makes Dean Barkley a can of bad water, I guess.

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