Ahh…the weekend

It is finally Friday afternoon. We have plans to go out with some friends for dinner tonight, and we have tentative (weather dependent) plans to go backpacking with some friends tomorrow. And it is my birthday tomorrow. And these things make me extremely happy. Well, that and the fact that I just ordered 2 new sweaters from Victoria’s Secret for a total of about $3.50 including shipping and handling. Yay for giftcards that I didn’t realize I had! Also, what is wrong with me that I ordered sweaters and not undergarments*? I don’t know. Other than the fact that I now have no problem justifying the expense of undergarments* from Victoria’s Secret due to their far superior quality compared to Target undergarments.* So I therefore like to use a giftcard for something that I have a harder time justifying to myself. Or I just like clothes. Or something.

On a completely different note, I would like to share my theory of work-related motivation. I believe we each only have a certain amount of motivation each week. So if we are VERY motivated on Monday, by Friday we might have absolutely NO motivation. I believe that is exactly what happened to me. Over the course of the week I used up all of my motivation, and now there is none. Good thing it’s almost time to go.

*Knowing that there are some of my family and male friends that read this blog makes it awkward to talk about this. And yet I do it, using an even more awkward word like undergarments. Is there enough awkwardness yet? I hope so.

In closing, a picture or two from our wedding day:

Ryan and Becky 6.7.08

Ryan and I between the wedding and reception/dance.

Bridge Kiss

Ryan and I kissing near the lift bridge as a ship comes through. We had 2 ships come under the bridge while we were doing photos down there. This is one of the many fantastic shots our photographer got.


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2 Responses to Ahh…the weekend

  1. sarah robinson says:

    I love the pics! They are adorable! I completely agree with the motivation thing. Some weeks my motivation is gone by about 10:00 on Monday. :o)

  2. You guys look so cute. Your dress is amazing.

    We love Duluth so much. We try to take a trip there once a year; a few years ago, we went over Valentine’s Day and only brought along b&w film, and the snowy pictures looked so cool.

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